Repression of journalists and public speakers in Sweden

Assaults on journalists and photographers and cancelled lectures since 2012

Ingrid Carlqvist at Dispatch International had to go under hiding in Malmö due to persecution from left wing activists

Photographer Roger Sahlström at Dispatch International attacked four times by left wing activists

Professor KO Arnstberg planned lecture at public library got cancelled due to pressure from left wing activists

Mona Walter, ex-muslim from Somalia, had lecture cancelled at community center due to social democratic party pressure

Photographers Roger Sahlström and Chang Frick pushed away by police at manifestation by left wing activists

Writer Jan Sjunnesson ‘s lecture at public library cancelled even before it got public

Book critical to mass immigration taken away at public library cue to its content

Jan Sjunnesson and Roger Sahlström threatened by Roma people, police had to come

Photographer Chang Frick hit by left wing activists, camera broken

Police tells national television that they should be informed when media comes to immigrant suburbs

Television team hit by stones in immigrant suburb

Lectures cancelled at public hall twice due to pressure from national television and left wing activists

Trade union of journalists ban members

Blogpost about infringments of free speech

Television team from Australia attacked at immigrant suburb, guide smeared by Swedish media. See video 1 and video 2

My blogpost about infringments of free speech

* * *

More background to repressed opinions and the Swedish media

Interview with chairman of Reporters Without Borders, Stockholm


There is a story to write about these events. Very few in Sweden dare to bring it up since the harassed journalisters, photographers and speakers are not loyal to the political correct climate in Sweden, harder there than anywhere else in the Western world.

But in the end, the unrepressed truth will show the way:

Satya Graha! (a slogan used against the British imperialists in India).
(this article was based on a Swedish version from 2015)


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