I am a writer, teacher and public lecturer. My academic background is in philosophy and education, specialized in Swedish Folk Education and founder of the public lectures organisation Free folk education and the media initiative Svensk Webbtelevison

I am a also strong advocate of free speech, democratic nationalist, classical liberal, freethinker and a fierce critic of islamisation.

I have worked as a teacher/assistant in kindergarten, primary and secondary schools/adult folk education. Also served as principal and deputy principal in schools as well as a teacher trainer in Sweden and partly in India.

Further, I have lived and worked/ studied in Denmark, Switzerland, USA and India. Now I live in Stockholm.

Mobiles +46769000900, +919910659856 sjunnesson.jan at gmail.com

A presentation from 2016

My books:

Sara Sarasvati: An Indo-Swedish thriller, fiction 2013. Ebook

The Swedish Story: From extreme experiment to normal nation, non-fiction 2013. Early draft 2012. Ebook. Review Review

Philosophy papers on Aristotle to Rorty, non-fiction 2014. Four chapters online: 1, 2, 3, and 4. Presentation.

Other publications and writings:

B.A. thesis in education, 2001

M.Ed. thesis in education, 2003

M.A. thesis in philosophy, 2005

Indian teacher education, 2009

Indian school policy, 2010

School vouchers in Sweden, 2012

Blogpost on Indian liberalism, 2012

Blogpost on political philosophy, 2012

Blogpost on Indian writer G Das, 2012

Book launch in New Delhi, 2014

Breitbart news , sept 2015

On Sinatra, Ginsberg and Springsteen Feb 2016

Repression and censorship in Sweden March 2016

Conference on Freedom of the Press Act, Oct 2016

Four speeches by Tania Groth on islam from Danish For Freedom. 2015 – 2016

Chapter on multiculturalism and immigration, 2013

Elementary forms of Swedish life 2019

Interview with Finnish alt media bloggers, 2019

Draft on evolutionary thought April 2020

On singer John Prine and American left, April 2020

Blogpost on Pattie Boyd, George Harrison and Eric Clapton, 2020

Public speech on islam and free speech, 2020

Patchworks, Protopias, Politics, essay on Medium.com 2020

Parrhesia- a Greek philosophical concept. 2021

Boring Sweden nostalgia. 2022

Draft of PhD thesis, 2023

Online presentations and interviews:


Education blog, 2011

School legislation in India, 2011

Interview on Swedish Folk Education, 2010

Interview for Greek YouTube channel, 2015

Discussion migration on BBC radio broadcast, 2016

Interviewed in The Rebel Media at 25:30, 2016

Interviewed by Channel 9 program 60 minutes from Australia, March 2016. Comments.

Interviewed by Vlad Tepes blog and The Rebel Media on migrant housing. April 2016.

Interviewed at Sam Sorbo talk radio about migrant housing. April 2016

Interviewed by One America News Network. July, 2016

Interviewed by blogger Vlad Tepes for The Rebel Media. July 2016

Interviewed by Ruptly TV . July 2016

Studio discussion 1000percentfedup/ Swebbtv, Feb 2017

Interview on Sweden Swebbtv March 2017

Interview with Romanian Freedom Alternative June 2017

Interview with A Swede Speaks Aug 2017

Review of my book Sara Sarasvati. 2017

Interview with Canadian blogger Vlad Tepes Feb 2018

Articles on hate speech charge Breitbart, Jihad Watch, Geller Report, Sputnik News May 2018

Studio discussion on hate speech, Three Kraters Symposium, June 2018

Review of my book The Swedish Story. Jan 2019

Oct 2019 Interview with Finnish bloggers

Reaching to Trump in 2017, about Swedish gang rape Jan 2020

Studio discussion at Three Kraters Symposium about Sweden, Jan 2020

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  1. I now know there are some living in Stockholm who haven’t succumbed to ISLAMIC STOCKHOLM SYNDROME.


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