My book on Sweden

The subtitle of The Swedish Story: From extreme experiment to normal nation cover the areas of intellectual curiosity that make up the arguments in this study from medieval to postmodern Sweden. The book covers on the one hand, politics, business, economy and law, on the other hand, ethnology, stories, culture and morals. Together with strange stories that will surprise most people, the story of Sweden will be told by the outsider, who is a normal person trying to inhabit an extreme nation. Sweden is not a normal West European country as such, but may and should be. By reading this book will this fact be understood properly, appreciated and possibly lead to action. Non-Swedish readers inside and outside the country have an important role to play.

There is an abundance of stories and details and many heroes and villains in The Swedish Story. Scandals, sex and bodily fluids will occur as well as Soviet submarines, phallic trumpets, and avant-garde film, fiction and welfare art tricksters. Everything has happened as written. No exaggeration is needed in the land of extremes.

“There are several clichés about Sweden: The Mellow Land, The Low Fat Milk Land, Die Dumme Schweden, and The World’s Most Modern Land etc. Now Jan Sjunnesson has given us another one: The Extreme Country. Unfortunately I think he on to something”
Karl-Olov Arnstberg, professor of. ethnology

The non-fiction The Swedish story has a fictional counterpart, the political thriller Sara Sarasvati. Sales here. First chapter here. Review .

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