Evidence of attack by violent migrant youth in Sweden



A few weeks ago (Feb 29. 2016), I was in the immigrant suburb of Rinkeby north of Stockholm city together with a film team from Australia. They came from the 60 minutes program on Channel 9.

See Aftenposten in Norway.

We got attacked by some Somali youngsters who did not want us there. See clips at

YouTube , Vimeo Live Leaks
and  Sendvid

Article in WND and Danish BT.

Swedish media did not quite believe what happened and slandered me to their Australian colleagues. Their reason was that I work for the alternative media network Avpixlat. Mainstream media here is biased to the left  and even liberals are considered right-wing.

Although our media have no problem reporting about harrassment of journalists in other countries, they do not want to talk about the repression and even violence to Swedish journalists in Sweden, and now also foreign. See my list of recent events including cancelled public lectures and censoring libraries.

Another film team was here the week before, this time from Canada and I showed them around but not to the violent areas. One foot overrun by a car and two blows on jaws were enough.



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