Review of my thriller Sara Sarasvati

A kind reader (but not informed that I do not consider myself as ”altright”) at Amazon has reviewed my Indo-Swedish thriller Sara Sarasvati:

”Jan Sjunnesson is one of Sweden’s bravest journalists and commentators. He’s a public intellectual of the Swedish alt-right, and freedom of speech – or the lack of it – is one of his key themes.

But he is anything if not open-minded: the thriller clearly draws on the author’s experiences of international personal relationships, and his evocatively described Stockholm is a delight to savour. He is clearly an expert on the twists and turns of Swedish politics, connected as he is – in real life – to the very latest developments in Rosenbad and the riksdag (Swedish parliament).

He has made sure to write the book in such a way that not too much foreknowledge of Swedish conditions is required. Instead, what unfurls is an exciting story, featuring intrigue and drama centred on a fully-textured young Indo-Swedish heroine.”

The book is available as Kindle, in print and ebook/Epub.


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