My speech on islam and free speech, Stockholm Sept 2020

Last week I did a public speech in front of a mosque in the suburb Kista, Stockholm, close to the suburb Rinkeby (see when Australian tv team went there with me in 2016), where Danish counter-jihadists earlier had burned The Quran.

From Malmö to Stockholm riots had occurred since late August 2020 by angry local Muslims, some led by devotees, some just by criminal youth. Myself, I had an abridged version of the hateful book in Swedish that I spontaneously lit on my balcony just after the Danes went to immigrant suburb Rosengård in Malmö.

My public speech last week, which was heavily protected by the police, was a test to see if it was possible to criticize Islamic limitations on free speech, In this sense, the event was fruitfult but there is a resistance even to talk critically about Islam. The government funded ”anti-racist” bureau Expo agrees.

During my speech, Muslim women were asked about what to do with people who burn the Quran:

-Burn them, they said!

From the Danish Free Speech Society


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