Dangerous Words for 250 years – a conference of freedom of the Press

An international conference to celebrate the 250 anniversary of the Swedish Freedom of the Press Act will be hosted on

Oct 1  in Stockholm (venue TBA)

The freedom to write and speak is best honoured by expressing important and sometimes dangerous thoughts:

“That freedom of expression consists of being able to tell people what they may not wish to hear, and that it must extend, above all, to those who think differently is, to me, self-evident.”  Christopher Hitchens

 “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not   want to hear” George Orwell


Douglas Murray,   Anne Marie Waters, Scandinavian writers, commentators and artists


Organising ad-hoc committee:
Jan Sjunnesson, Sweden  (076/9000 900  sjunnesson.jan@gmail.com)

Ingrid Carlqvist, Sweden

Lars Hedegaard, Denmark

Katrine Winkel Holm, Denmark

Hans Rustad, Norway

Hege Storhaug,  Norway

More info at



Welcome !

/Jan Sj.


The official celebration of the Swedish Freedom of the Press Act 250 year, se  www.frittord250.se


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