Three Dutch heroes – and a Dane

Today I was going to hail three brave Dutch men who have in their various ways fought against repression, Islamisation or been victims thereof. But during the day (5/02/2013), a Danish hero was attacked by a militant Muslim so the list will be extended.

hans van wieren

Hans van Wieren, principal at secondary school in The Hague.

This man had a troubled pubil, Murat Demir born 1987, who several times has misbehaved. After being thrown out of class many times, he had to see the principal Hans van Wieren. After such a meeting Murat went home, got a pistol and came to back to school on Jan 13, 2004 and shot the principal in the head at the school cafeteria. Afterwards classmates of the killer came to the police station with slogans such as “We love you Murat”.

My experiences as vice principal in similar immigrant dominated school are much more limited thank God, but still problematic.

Ahmed Marcouch

Ahmed Marcouch, former mayor, police sergent and member of parliament

This police officer was born in Morocco and raised in Holland. He became known as the Sheriff of Slotervaart, his police ward in Amsterdam where he later was elected mayor. He has been tough on Muslim immigrants as himself, not wanting to excuse any troublemakers. He also wants to cancel teaching of minority languages and send immigrant criminals back home. Tough love to his fellow immigrants, particularily Muslims from Morocco. His social democratic party supported him at first but dropped him when his policies were viewed as discriminatory.


Geert Wilders, spokesman for the Freedom Party
He has been under police protection since 2004 when his friend and co-warrior for free speech, Theo van Gogh, was killed by a fierce Muslim militant. His book Marked for death and the Swedish bio Fallet Wilders tell of his rise to fame. He is a hero for his relentless plead for free speech and has an in-depth knowledge of the Koran. In Sweden his 2012 visit at the Swedish Free Press Society in Malmö became an event in itself.

Lars Hedegaard

Lars Hedegaard, editor and chairman of the Danish Free Press Society

Today then, this 70 year old proponent of free speech and a critique of Islam and immigration policies was shot by his Copenhagen home but survived. A 30 year old dark man with dark beard and dark hair (Danish press tells that the attacker was a dark skinned immigrant which Swedish media leaves out.) attacked Hedegaard most likely for the same intolerant reasons as similar attacks from Islamists on Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, editor Fleming Rose, Norweigan publisher Wiliam Nygaard, who also was shot in 1989 for publishing Rushdie’s Satanic verses, and the many deadly attacks on Swedish artist Lars Vilks.

Islam’s defenders do not tolerate non-violent criticism on its ideology and scientific research on the history and interpretations of the Koran, Muhammed and Islam yet and more blood will be spilled here and in Muslim countries until they do. These four men should be hailed today all over the free world, especially in Scandinavia. There are no excuses to confront words, images, films, sounds, literature and speeches with violence.


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