Two books on the way and a third in 2013

This year I will publish three books. They are written already and await some more editing but will be printed by the fall 2013 at Books-On-the-Demand

They are
Kommunitarism – en antologi om individ och gemenskap i filosofi, politik och sociologi

The Swedish story. From extreme experiment to normal nation


Philosophy papers from Aristotle to Rorty ,
which is outlined below

Papers in history of philosophy from Aristotle to Rorty

Table of contents and links to some papers online

Deleuzean time with references to Aristotle, Kant and Bergson

Mahabharata,Montaigne and me

Spinoza and politics

Leibniz on contingency, necessity and freedom

Leibniz’ theory of knowledge

Rousseau’s early critique of philosophy

Kant, Rorty and transcendental argumentation

Nietzsche and Christianity

Heidegger’s fundamental concepts of metaphysics

Rorty on Dewey’s unwanted metaphysics

Pragmatic politics as the theory of liberalism (in Swedish)

These papers were mostly written during graduate studies in philosophy in Sweden (Uppsala, Södertörn), Switzerland (Fribourg) and USA (New School, New York).

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