Live music and poetry

Some of my favourite bands and artists have their best live performances on YouTube:

Allen Ginsberg Howl

Yes Roundabout

Dylan Idiot Wind

Totta’s Blues Band Going down

Memorial concert to George Harrison (Prince’s great solo at 3:30)

Led Zeppelin Heartbreaker

The Who Wont get fooled again

Joan Baez Diamonds and rust

Emmylou Harris From Boulder to Birmingham

Dylan and Ginsberg Subterranean Blues (not live but…)

One could go on and on about clips and writings online forever and ever (linking Dylan to why he should get the Nobel etc.) , but these are my dear personal affinities.

See also my ramblings about

Sinatra, Ginsberg, Springsteen

Mailer, Didion, Wolfe

* ** *

I miss a good portion on the great American authors Faulkner and Fitzgerald, but that has to wait until they become my friends. Henry Miller is always there though, the link between early European modernists and American beat literature. A figure that had to exist. Beyond Hemingway and the Parisian avantgarde and a true honest writer that bridged Europe and the US in the 1930s.

Bukowski met him and alas -a new literature was formed in the late 1950s and 60s. A prose of everyday madness and light of the sacred muse. World War I was the inevitable incursion into artistic creativity but should not have occurred.

I dread the same mad warinduced and insane writings now as Miller and the Dadaists did in their time. Our time is closer to 1919. A time after the Great War of Civilisation which now is out of had as there are too many ideas about what civilisation means.

All this is to convoluted to grasp, so please cheer up – and click on the links and listen to the music and sounds of our best singers and poets. I will Remain in light.

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