Blue resources

When feeling blue, these songs and words may be comforting


Humphery Bogart, 1941

Frank Sinatra, 1945

Marlon Brando, 1951

James Dean, 1955

Allen Ginsberg, 1956

Richard Burton, 1966

Lenny Bruce, 1966

Dustin Hoffman, 1967

Jack Nicholson, 1970

Joe Cocker, 1970

Norman Mailer, 1971

Joni Mitchell, 1974

Joni Mitchell, 1974

Bob Dylan, 1975

Neil Young, 1976

The Band, 1976

Bob Dylan, 1976

Robert de Niro, 1978

Bruce Springsteen, 1980

Totta Näslund, 1985

Chet Baker, 1987

Sting, 1991

Al Pacino, 1992

Eric Clapton, 2002

Sophie Zelmani, 2003

Christopher Hitchens, 2000-

Martin Amis, 2012


My live music and poetry resource


4 reaktioner till “Blue resources”

  1. Joni var den första kvinnan som fick Polarpriset.
    Många i Sverige, t.ex. Sjunne som jobbar för ett bättre samhälle borde lyssna på texten i denna sången. Den är uppmuntrande, outsägligt skön om du frågar mig:
    If you can keep your head
    While all about you
    People are losing theirs and blaming you
    If you can trust yourself
    When everybody doubts you
    And make allowance for their doubting too.
    If you can wait
    And not get tired of waiting
    And when lied about
    Stand tall
    Don’t deal in lies
    And when hated
    Don’t give in to hating back
    Don’t need to look so good
    Don’t need to talk too wise.
    If you can dream
    And not make dreams your master
    If you can think
    And not make intellect your game
    If you can meet
    With triumph and disaster
    And treat those two imposters just the same
    If you can force your heart
    And nerve and sinew
    To serve you
    After all of them are gone
    And so hold on
    When there is nothing in you
    Nothing but the will
    That’s telling you to hold on!
    Hold on!
    If you can bear to hear
    The truth you’ve spoken
    Twisted and misconstrued
    By some smug fool
    Or watch your life”s work
    Torn apart and broken down
    And still stoop to build again
    With worn out tools.
    If you can draw a crowd
    And keep your virtue
    Or walk with Kings
    And keep the common touch
    If neither enemies nor loving friends
    Can hurt you
    If everybody counts with you
    But none too much.
    If you can fill the journey
    Of a minute
    With sixty seconds worth of wonder and delight
    The Earth is yours
    And Everything that’s in it
    But more than that
    I know
    You’ll be alright
    You’ll be alright.
    Cause you’ve got the fight
    You’ve got the insight
    You’ve got the fight
    You’ve got the insight

  2. Såg Joni Mitchell 1983 på konserthuset.
    Lyssna på Jocelyn Pook exempelvis Libera Me eller Naval Officer.
    Yoshikazu Mera, Lascia chio pianga Händel Rinaldo.
    Lhasa de Sela, Con Toda Palabra.
    Zbigniew Preisner, Nostalgia
    Ha det gott!

      1. Var mycket i Barcelona ett tag, då lyssnade jag på denna grupp live. När jag tvivlar på min sexuella identitet kollar jag bara på denna video. Sandra Sangiao som sjunger fick mig att ramla ur stolen.
        Ha det gott!


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