A Thor necklace to my Tara

Stockholm, September 23, 2020

To  Tara,

Here is a silver pendant for your 11th birthday! A small hammer, a copy made from a relic found in 10th century in Mid-Sweden. The hammer is called Mjölnir and was owned by the God Thor, who was said to rule in Sweden many years ago.

This particular silver pendant of God Thor’s hammer Mjölnir was found in the village Ödeshög , in the county of Östergötland (East Gothland), Sweden. The hammer was a symbol for power.

The Nordic God Thor is in Indo-European mythology and religion represented in ancient India by the Hindu God Indra. Indra wears a similar weapon, a vajra, which he swings as he rides a white elefant, Airavata.

Thor makes thunder with his wagon and the hammer when he traveles over the clouds. The weekday Thursday is actually Thor’s Day.

Hope you like it and wear it when you want to feel strong and special.

Love, Dad

Tara  in New Delhi with the Thor necklace


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