The story behind Trump´s 2017 comment, ”You look at what happened in Sweden”

Most Swedes remember president Trump´s speech in Florida in Feb 2017, when he said, ”You look at what happened in Sweden. Sweden, who would have thought Sweden? They took in large numbers and are having problems like never thought possible”.

Soon the media networks found out that he had watched Fox News earlier and seen a program about gangrapes in Sweden. The host, Tucker Carlson, got the information through his online magazine Daily Caller. And where did they get it from, all detailed statistics about court cases on gangrape in Sweden last ten years with mostly immigrants perpetrators?

Well, in the video clip above, at 13 min, associate professor Bilyana Martinovsky tells the background:

She had contacted Daily Caller and Tucker Carlson and given them all the facts from a now defunct website, Gang Rape Sweden. The web had a datebase with all verdicts from set courtcases, so anyone could read the court proceedings and make up one’s mind about the ethnic backgrund of the criminals.

Bilyana Martinowski spoke yesterday (Jan 18, 2020) at a public meeting in Stockholm about the state of freedom of speech in Sweden, organised by the small association The Free Speech Advocate/Yttrandefrihetsombudmannen (where a full video will be uploaded with her slides).

She had not told this connection before due to fears of repercussions and harassment from the academic establishment for anyone who dares to combine ethnicity and crime. She was right.

In one morning her position at Stockholm university was ended due to her mentioning the website Gang Rape Sweden on Twitter. Two years later she was met at the Stockholm airport by six policemen and taken into arrest, without any charges being mentioned.

Listen to her story in the clips above.

This story has never been told by any media, Swedish (try again, Hugo!) or international. How a researcher who mentioned statistics about raped women by immigrant men was fired, but before that, succeeded to reach to the most powerful man in the world, Donald J. Trump.

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