Economic freedom index event

Johan Norberg commenting on Swedish economy

Monday 20 feb, 2012, at the liberal think tank Timbro in central Stockholm, the latest world report from Heritage foundation on index of economic freedom was presented by economist and report editor Jim Roberts.
Sweden’s position at 21 was discussed in more detail by Stefan Fölster from the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise and Johan Norberg.
Both stressed the need for reforms of labour laws and deregulation to stimulate entrepreneurship, albeit Fölster was more optimistic. He viewed the latest polls and voting in southern Europe (sauf Greece) where more moderate calls for tax cuts and reforms to promote business showed that even Europeans are responsible when needed. But Norberg was more pessimistic and saw little action in promoting better business policies and but government spending from the centre- right cabinet.
A good discussion and fun to see Norberg again in his home environment, a former Timbro fellow, now with Cato and an independent writer.


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