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Debating school legislation in Delhi

 Aug 10, I was moderating a discussion on teacher accountability through the Right to Education Act in New Dehli, India. I had done this last year many times as associate director of the School Choice Campaign at Centre for Civil Society, New Delhi’s best and oldest liberal think tank.

It was good to see friends again and the discussions were familiar matter to me.  Sorry to note, the well reknowed educationist Vinod Raina could not attend the discussion. He was instrumental in shaping the RTE Act. I had already interviewed him last year for the Student First Magazine, but alas could not see him this  time.

From the minutes taken by the new young SCC team:

”Chaired by Jan Sjunnesson, former Associate Director, School Choice Campaign with Surendra Nath Dubey, President of All India Awardee Teachers Association and Shashank Shukla, Teach for India Fellow, Chairman at Gurukul Education Society and member of the National Advisory Council Working Group as panelists, the discussions explored the means through which the RTE Act addresses the issue of teacher accountability and looked at possible solutions. Jan outlined the major problems in relation with teacher accountability before introducing the panelists. He summarised the principal problems in India such as the absence of teachers and the shortage of educators that the government is facing while trying to implement RTE Act. In addition he mentioned that the RTE Act is vague on the issue of teacher accountability. He commented on the lack of a direct correlation between teacher salaries and student learning outcomes in India.”

Keep up the SCC spirit guys and gals  : )

Skolan, queer- och homosexualiteten

Jag skrev en artikel om skolans, eleverna, lararnas, och lärarutbildningens brist pa kunskap om  HBTQ sexualitet i Pedagogiska Magasinet 2003, Queer ar straight. Idag undrar jag om detta verkligen håller. Ska alla i skolan veta om allas sexuella preferenser? Zarembas artikel i DN  2007 visade upp ett vansinne som jag idag undrar om min artikel kan ha bidragit till. Newsmill publicerade nyligen en liknande artikel av en ung lärare som kommit ut. Han verkar  glad och jag vill inte ta detta ifrån honom. Samtidigt vet jag att dessa upplevelser och ställningstaganden kan utnyttjas i maktsyften som man gjorde i Zarembas fall. Märkligt att sex kan bli vad som helst –  karriär, makt, offerposition.