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Lazy but dangerous thinking on 9/11 in Swedish media

The main dailies Svenska Dagbladet and Dagens Nyheter were cordial but did not go into excuses for Bin Laden’s 10th anniversary today, but socialist tabloid Aftonbladet could not let off a lazy lecture by F Wirtanen. He rants of about Colin Powell’s speech in UN Feb 5, 2003 when the defense secretary explained of the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq under Sadaam Hussein. There were chemical, biological as well as efforts to get nuclear weapons from North Korea earlier. Israel bombed already in 1981 a nuclear reactor build the French but Hussein was on the dirty bomb market ever since in  order to get plutonium and technology, just as Libya and Iran was. Aftonbladet cannot stay of the anti American trend in Swedish media and invites the great journalist and writer Jan Guillou later this eve for chat with readers. Guillou wrote a few days after 9/11 2001 that Bin Laden had right demands on the US, but was a fanatic. Guillou wrote en eulogy 1975 on Hussein’s Iraq. btw. . .

The liberal tabloid Expressen is  relativising the number of victims in NY 9/11, almost 3000, in relation to the 35 000 that has been jailed and/or sentenced for terrorist crimes since then. ”Hubris and revenge” characterized the US reaction after 9/11 the commentator writes. Yes indeed, revenge after the largest number of dead at any single terrorist attack is quite understandable. This kind of comparison is also taken on the death toll of Afghanis and Pakistans due to terrorist attacks which now go over 20-30 000. Many commentators write as if the US started the war by responding to the attacks, not the opposite. Truth is that Al Queda started the war on terrorism by 9/11  (and a lot earlier already by 1993 but leave that for now) and the South Asians and Middle Easterns should blame their Saudi villain for their problems and deaths, not US.

Simply Evil. Christopher Hitchens states the facts behind the attacks ten years from today.  The role of the intellectual is to introduce complexity into a discussion, the Hitch starts but goes on. ”But what I learned in a highly indelible manner from the events and arguments of September 2001 was this: Never, ever ignore the obvious either.” Blair says similarily that  it was ”deeply naive” to believe the west’s response had radicalised extremist Muslim factions.

US did not deserve 9/11, nor did it start the following war on terror but was forced to react and no one can deny that the Al Queda and similar terrorist networks and states (including Hussein’s Iraq, North Korea, Iran, Quadaffi’s Libya and to lesser extent Venezuela and Cuba) were and are threats to freedom, stability and human dignity. The leftist defence of dictatorships culminated in the post 9/11 frenzy on security and surveillance but must be blamed for what it is: lazy and dangerous thought. Swedish media makes this day harder to bear, not lighter.


Min diskussion om svensk liberalism, multikulturalism och tolerans

Mitt bidrag Extrema Sverige kan lära av normala invandrarkulturer  (Newsmill 12/08/2011) har resulterat i kommentarer som menar att jag gillar hedersmord, kvinnofortryck mm. Jag skrev ” Sveriges extrema position som världens mest sekulära och indivdualistiska land är inte oproblematisk. Ingen lever som vi. Det är invandrarna som besitter världens mest utbredda värderingar. De kanske kan lära oss något.”  Men det verkar som om bara ett fatal besitter denna vidsynthet.

Jag har tydligen retat upp flera SD sympatisorer o dylika som inte gillar att man tar sig ton mot nationalliberalismens stela toleranstvang.  Andra kommentarer gillar vinkeln om att Sverige har en extremposition enligt World Values Survey (som jag tjatat om i flera blogposter nu men kolla sidan ser bl a hur langt Norge ar fran Sverige t ex) och jag tror mig ha vunnit nagra lasare, Jerlerup bl a.  Kul om partiforetradare kan ta upp detta perspektiv. En kortversion av texten publicerades 2008 i kristna dagstidningen Dagen men renderade inga debatter da. Men kanske tiden finns for en tolerans gentemot konservativa grupper idag, dit jag inte raknar mig men vill forsvara deras ratt att forbli konservativa.